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How to Add @ custom author page wordpress without plugin

If you are looking to create custom author pages then in this tutorials Developer Guidance tell you step by step how to create a custom author page wordpress without plugin using ftp or c panel. WordPress is mainly use for blogging purpose .Do you want to create author page of your multi-creator WordPress site? At that point you need to make a redid WordPress writers page to list authors, colleagues, supporters, or some other kind of members.

The default author page only shows the author’s post. You want to change the design of author page or add some more things like (Author NAME, BIO & other things) to your author page then join us i will tell you step by step.

How to Create custom author pages for posts Step 1:- First login ftp or cpanel.Step 2:- Go to /wp-content/themes/your-current-theme/ folder.Step 3:- Inside your current theme create a file name author.php file. or if already have then edit author.php file.Step 4:- Include header and footer…
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Top 30+ Free Worldwide Business Listing Sites List 2021

Looking for worldwide business listing sites? Here you are at the right place because here you will get all the business listing sites to position your business at the global level. Global business listing websites are very useful for the businesses out there. Because you can attract or drive a global audience. However, the global traffic is useful only for some particular business.


If you are doing business globally, then you can avail this benefit. As a searcher or visitor, you can also avail benefit from worldwide business listing sites. These sites have too many options to choose from. You are never limited when you are looking for some kind of global or international services, products or companies. On the other hand, getting international traffic from various countries and regions will also help you to take your business to the next level. These sites are really helping businesses and customers both.


Global businesses around the…

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Top 20+ High DA Global Classified Submission Sites List (30+ DA)

Benefits of High DA Worldwide Classified Sites

Individuals who belong to the digital marketing company SEO domain particularly, High domain Authority Worldwide Classified Submission sites are at their fingerprints. The Classified submission sites are meant for submitting your classified advertisement post. You can submit the advertisement on these sites that will increase your visibility in the Search Engine Marketing with the time.

High Domain Authority Classified Submission Sites List or Free Ad Submission websites have a practical approach for any organization and sites to classified or market their goods, services or brand on the internet in High Domain Authority Classified submission sites with a total of details without any of the prices.

Global Classified submission sites or Ad submission websites would be the most renowned for its posting local as well as classified advertisements by a town. It is another fantastic method for the advertiser th…

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Makuv Free Classifieds In India

MAKUV is one of the most innovative and useful free classifieds site in India. It connects the buyer and seller through posting free ads on the website. It acts as a local newspaper in which seller can post their ads and buyers can buy at the specified prices. MAKUV is serving free classifieds service across India by performing as a local community marketplace for buying and selling any commodity. The idea of MAKUV is to provide the flawless completion of your day to day needs with the time and efforts savings. It also turns into a useful promotional tool for the small or medium-sized companies company who can promote their brand among the target audience through posting free ads in MAKUV. Time is one of the most important factors for the day to day busy life. So it makes your life simple by searching anything you want from your local market which helps to reduce your physical efforts and save your time as well. MAKUV has come up with the solution fulfilling your day to day purchases and selling through a website that is automatically saving your time and efforts.

MAKUV helps to promote the small businesses at free of cost by posting your ads on the website. You can sell or purchase any commodity at any time with few clicks! It is one of the most useful and customer oriented websites which helps to secure your time money, and efforts for buying as well as selling anything.

MAKUV is serving across India by connecting you to the local community market as well as the national market of India for any purchase and sales within the short period of time. free classifieds helps to post your ads on the website in order to sell you first hand or second-hand commodity, for example, you can sell your second-hand car and make the new car purchase both on the same website. It provides the solution of searching tuition classes, or coaching in your nearby locations. It is one of the most prominent solutions for startup or small businesses who can’t afford large promotional expenses as MAKUV provides free ads posting. It is one of the most prominent free classified in India which provides the service of free ads posting from users as well as buyers ends. The sellers can manage their accounts by posting as many ads as they want to sell their property, cars, laptop, or any other commodity.

MAKUV provides the opportunity to search and find the useful information related to the price of the property at the country level as well as locally within your area. You can buy or sell whatever you want, whatever you want as per your conditions with the desired rates.