Nevari Style Amogsiddhi Brocadeless Thangka Painting 24 Carat Gold Acrylic Colors On Canvas


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Amoghasiddhi is one of the five spiritual vectors of the Buddha’s divine personality (tathagata). He is the Buddha of perfect practice leading up to consummate accomplishment or ‘siddhi’ (‘amogha’ stands for that which goes not in vain). The thangka that you see on this page depicts Amoghasiddhi in the seated-contemplative stance of padmasana, complemented by the mudras of His hands. This Amoghasiddhi thangka is in keeping with the Nevari style of painting. The most striking feature of Nevari art is the bold color palette predominated by crimson and ochre. Then there are the soft, expressive, elongated features, especially the eyes and the digits of hands and feet. Finally, the ample jewelry on each one of the figures on this canvas is another hallmark of Nevari aesthetics.

Amogsiddhi Thangka Painting:

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