Ram Darbar Tanjore Painting With Teakwood Frame


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A glowing Ramadurbar Tanjore painting for your home or office walls. The haloed Lord Rama is at the very center of the canvas. His smooth dusky skin sets off the glittering silken amber of His dhoti. To His left is the beauteous Devi Seeta, the brave daughter of King Janaka who never of Her own will left Her husband’s side, even during vanavasa. On the right side of the Lord is Lakshmana, brother of Rama, son of Queen Sumitra. Like Rama, there is a life-sized bow in His left hand and a quiver of arrows on His back. This is indicative of the kind of life they were forced to live (‘vasa’) in the wilderness (‘vana’). The right hand of Rama rests over the head of Lord Hanuman in blessing. The leader of the vanarasena and a great yogi, Lord Hanuman kneels in devotion at the feet of Rama. Studded gold gesso work is to be found on the crowns and the adornment on all four deities, the Gada lying gently in Hanuman’s lap, and the elaborate temple entrance-like archway along the upper edge of the painting.

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