Reclining Ganesha-Madhuchista Vidhana Lost-Wax Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai


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In a touch of artistic poetry – the god of auspicious starts – is artistically shown reclining in rest in this ‘panchaloha’ bronze statue executed in the ‘madhuchista vidhana’ lost wax technique. Ganesha’s image is presented to us in his two-armed avatar, lying on his side, and supported by a long bolster under his hand and head. His left hand is placed over his left leg. Ganesha’s ornately draped presence, with decorative hints of jewelry, tassels, and bands, exudes his divine presence comfortably poised in rest. At the base of the pedestal, we can also see his dutiful mount or ‘vahana,’ Mooshika. Our beloved ‘Ekdanta,’ or the one with one tooth, in his reclining form as presented here, is a unique and rare visual depiction that is not usually placed as an image of worship. Nevertheless, popular belief ascribes the reclining posture to the symbolism of wealth, luxury, comfort, and prosperity. Moreover, as witnessed in the bronze work, Ganesha’s trunk turns towards the right, symbolizing the spiritual power of the sun, and helping towards the fulfillment of boons faster. While seldom worshipped, the reclining form of Ganesha is nevertheless installed as an integral part of the Vinayaka Chaturthi festival, and moreover makes for an exceptional artisanal as well as a religious artifact of value to keep at home.

Reclining Ganesha Bronze Statue:

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