Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka Brocadeless Painting And Acrylic Colors On Cotton Canvas


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A simple, time-tested image of the seated Shakyamuni. The epithet Shakyamuni refers to the rulership (‘muni’) of the Buddha’s family over the Shakya clan. It is a traditional thangka made with age-old painting techniques (acrylics, gouache) set off by subtle metallic infusions in pure 24K gold. Everything about this thangka is in keeping with the traditional iconography of the Buddha. Legs gathered in the perfect padmasana. The alms bowl in the palm of the left hand, the right hand in bhoomisparsha mudra. The robe, more expressive of His divine glamour than of His ihalokiya years of mendicancy, draped over one shoulder and brought down over the other. What sets this thangka apart is the rich, deep, almost dark color palette. The ochre complexion of the Buddha’s body is set off by an earth-colored robe. Matching petals of the lotus throne beneath Him. Shades of green and blue in the background. Note how the pale tendrils painted within His halo blend in with the curl-definition of His head.

Shakyamuni Buddha Thangka Painting:

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