Shitala Mata Marble Statue – Goddess of Cleanliness Who Carries a Broom


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Shitala Mata is a folk deity and an incarnation of supreme Goddess Durga; cures poxes, sores, ghouls, pustules, and diseases. Shitala literally means ‘one who cools’ and is referred to as ‘ma’ or ‘mata’ as she, just like a mother cures her children of diseases and other evil spirits and ghosts. She is known by various names, Jagrani (queen of the world), Karunamayi (full of mercy), Mangala (auspicious one), Bhagawati (goddess), and Dayamayi (full of grace and kindness). She is a protectress if appeased but can also be a scourge if displeased; her sacred vehicle is the donkey. According to Hindu Mythology, Hindu Goddess Katyayani (incarnation of Shakti) manifested as Shitala Mata to kill the deadly demon Jwarasur, who threatened people with deadly fever and plague. Here she is shown with four hands, the left-hand holds a broom to dust off the germs and the right hand has a kamandalu (sacred pot of cold water) to purify and cure people of diseases. The other two hands have a pot full of viruses and a winnow to sieve the purities from impurities. Her gracefully draped saree and the heavenly halo enhance her wondrous divinity. The marvelous crown and jewels that adorned her body are remarkably astounding. This shitala mata marble statue is very sharply and creatively made out of a single stone. The white color stone is symbolizing her purity and cleanliness. If kept in any worship place, it definitely will be a great attraction.

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