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Safety Tips

You must go through and understand these safety tips for your advantage as a user of

#1 You must be aware of fraudsters and scammers.

#2 You must ensure to check the seller’s ratings as well as reviews.

#3 Make sure that you use a safe public place to meet the seller.

#4 You must tell your family members and friends about your whereabouts.

#5 You should physically check and test the products or services before you buy them.

#6 You must ensure to avoid give advance payment for anything, there are higher Chances of scams in such cases.

#7 You must make sure not to receive an offer regarding posting items to you under any Situations.

#8 You must use PayPal or other digital payments and avoid cash transactions at any Cost You must ensure not to send money through Bank Transfer, Money Gram.

#9 Makuv. com is never involved in any transaction process and does not handle Payments, guarantee transactions, shipping, offer ‘buyer protection’ or offer escrow Services or seller certification